• Lydia

  • Lydia has been a great producer for us over the years. She is out of the first Holsteiner that Maggie ever purchased and by our original Holsteiner stallion, Fabio I. Fabio was a wonderful stallion who was very kind and had a wonderful and quiet temperament. He was a very solidly built horse who competed successfully in both the jumpers and upper level dressage. He produced horses that were ideal for amateurs and able to compete in any discipline. Lydia, with the M-line influence from her dam’s side has also produced amateur friendly horses who have been successful in multiple disciplines. She is a wonderfully sweet mare with extremely correct conformation who passes this on to her babies. Lydia is a premium mare with the AHHA and was also site Reserve Champion. She is also in the Main Mare Book with the ISR/Old-NA.  Lydia is now enjoying her hard earned retirement in a very large pasture with lots of grass!  She was a great producer for us and we are grateful to have had her in our broodmare band for so many wonderful years

    Lydia’s Progeny:

    • Crimson and Clover – by Coconut Grove (Tb), A premium mare with the AHHA who earned an 8 for her canter and free jump scores of 889. A successful producer herself, her foals are currently winning in the hunters
    • Col. Mustard – by Chardonay (Hol), successfully competed up to training level eventing with an amateur. He had multiple wins and was rarely out of the top 5 before an injury ended is eventing career. He is now pursuing a career in dressage and has competed up to 3rd level.
    • Cruzcampo – by Cotopaxi (Hol), sold as a 3yo and has multiple placings in the jumpers up to 1.20m with amateur riders.
    • Leopold – by Love Affair (Hol), sold as a foal and is currently beginning a career in the equitation ring
    • Manhattan Storm – by Manhattan (Old), a beautiful gelding who unfortunately sustained a career ending injury before he was ever able to compete.
    • Charleston – by Conifer (Hol), still a youngster who is looking forward to his future.       He is a great mover and very strong conformationally with an in your pocket attitude, who should be able to do anything.


  • 1996, 16.2h Bay Holsteiner

    Approved: AHHA – MMP

    ISR/Old-NA – MM

  • Lydia and Leopold

    Daughter, Crimson and Clover

    Son, Col Mustard

    Son, Col Mustard

    Son, Cruzcampo

    Dam, The Tempest

    Sire, Fabio I

    Sire, Fabio I