• Mr. Wizard

  • We lost our flagship boy in 2017 at the age of 26.  He was the sweetest, kindest and most wonderful stallion to the very end.  His legacy will live on through his offspring and we have two sons on the ground that we hope will be good enough to help fill the void that his loss has left.


    Mr. Wizard is an extremely elegant stallion with three elastic, ground-covering gaits. His conformation is very good and typifies the modern sport horse with a solid base and not too much body to make him heavy but enough to carry any rider. His offspring inherit these traits along with being athletic and forward thinking partners. They are ideally suited to eventing and the jumpers, though some have also found success in the dressage arena. His foals have good trainability and very sweet dispositions. They are generous, intelligent horses who enjoy work and competing. His son, Ben, made a meteoric rise through the levels in eventing when he went from Novice to the CCI*** level in well under two years earning top ribbons along the way. Also watch out for son, Merlot 325, who has competed up to Intermediate level eventing. His daughter, U-Turn, has been a very consistent money winner in the jumpers up to the Grand Prix level. Mr. Wizard himself competed successfully in eventing and hunters until an injury cut his career short. While eventing, he was rarely out of the top three after the dressage phase and was a very careful jumper with super techinque and scope almost never having rails stadium.   He had a half season in the hunters, prior to his injury, where he competed in the green working hunters and earned championship honors there.

    Mr. Wizard is the only remaining direct M-Line Holsteiner stallion standing with the AHHA. He is a decendent of the Thoroughbred improvement sire, Marlon, brought into the holsteiners to modernize the breed in the 60’s and 70’s. Marlon was a top producer of event horses in those decades. M-Line horses, and Merano offspring specifically, have also been successful in dressage, jumpers, and hunters. The 1996 individual Olympic silver medalist and team silver medalist in 2000 in jumping, Calvaro V, is out of a Merano mare. We think this is a very important line to the modern show horse and we are proud to have Wizard standing with us. The thoroughbred influence gives these horses the stamina, athleticism and competitive drive to win at any level. On the dam’s side, Wizard traces to Leonardo I who competed at the Grand Prix level in jumpers in Germany.



    • U-Turn – Premium mare with the AHHA earning 9,9,10 free jumping and under saddle jumping scores also earning an 83% Mare Performance Test. Also a top 10 finalist at the YJC Midwest Finals


    • Ben – multiple top 3 finishes at Intermediate level


    • Ben – Winner of the CIC*** at Bromont and finished in the top half of the field in the Blenheim CCI*** in England. Multiple other top 5 finishes at the *** level
    • Magus – scores in the high 60’s and 70’s at training level dressage with a junior rider
    • Cuinn – Out of a Mr. Wizard mare, won his yearling FEH event with a 79% and was high point horse of the show.


    • Merlot 325 – 2nd in his second attempt at Intermediate level eventing with many other placings at Preliminary and Intermediate
    • U-Turn – Multiple placings in Mini Prix and moved up to Grand Prix jumpers
    • Strehla – Scores in the high 60’s at first level dressage


    • U-Turn – Welcome Stake winner, multiple Grand Prix placings and wins up to 1.40m
    • Strehla – multiple wins and scores in the high 60’s at second level dressage
    • Ben – Winner at training level eventing with a jr/y


    • Merlot 325 - multiple top 3 placings at the Intemediate/Preliminary level in eventing
    • D-Type - Site Champion and Main Mare Premium Select mare at her AHHA approvals.  She also began her show career in the jumpers finishing up at 1.0m
    • Eupheme - earned Premium status and stood 3rd in line at her AHHA approvals
    • Isadora - Premium foal at her AHHA approvals
  • 16.2h Bay Holsteiner

    Approved: AHHA

    1991 - 2017

  • Sire, Merano

    Sire, Merano

    Son, Ben

    Daughter, U-Turn