• Ostentatious

  • ‘Ossie’ is another one of our original mares. She is out of the first Holsteiner mare ever bred by Maggie and by our first Holsteiner stallion, Fabio I. She had a brief career in jumping and dressage before becoming a full time broodmare. She is a very solid and sound mare who produces offspring with the scope, movement and talent for any discipline. She has several premium mares and foals to her credit. Her dam’s side is thoroughbred and M-line Holsteiner giving her lightness that you didn’t always find in the mares who were born in the 90’s. The M-line was started by the thoroughbred improvement sire Marlon. Marlon was a top producer in his day of event horses and he and his progeny still show up in the pedigrees of today’s top jumpers, eventers and dressage horses. He was the sire of several Olympic horses in eventing and dressage. The Fabio influence has given her soundness and the ability to produce horses who could be ridden by amateurs and competed in any discipline. Fabio also traces his linage to the great sire Ramiro who was an international competitor and very prolific sire of jumpers. The F-line horses are known for their soundness and versatility. She is a sweet mare who has three good and correct gaits and who displayed a good amount of scope in the free jump chute. She is a premium mare with the AHHA and in the Main Mare book with the ISR/Old-NA.


    Ossie’s Progeny:

    • 2003 Filly – by Love Affair (Hol), Ossie was leased to produce this filly.
    • Yvette 325 – by Conifer (Hol), earned Main Mare Premium Select status with the AHHA including straight 8’s for her gaits, a 9 for scope free jumping and a perfect 10 for willingness under saddle and site champion honors. She was the top scoring horse of the whole tour and was earned Top Scoring American Bred Honors for her efforts.  She was also a YJC 5yo Midwest finals competitor
    • Amethyst – by Conifer (Hol), A premium mare with the AHHA and site reserve champion
    • Canelaza – by Mezcalero (KWPN), Sold in utero, Watch for this filly in the jumper ring.
    • Lithograph – by Ink Jet (Tb), sold as a yearling to pursue a career in eventing. Watch for him as he grows up.
    • Captain Kangaroo – by Cedar (Old), A premium foal at his approvals. Earned champion foal honors and was the only foal given premium status at the site. Check him out on our sale page. He should be an ideal amateur’s horse suitable for any discipline.
    • Can't Hold Us - by Cedar (Old), This filly will join our broodmare band when she is old enough.  She sustained a severe pasture injury at just 3 days old and we are grateful that we were able to save her and look forward to what she will produce for us


  • 1999, 16.2h Bay Holsteiner

    Approved: AHHA – MMP

    ISR/Old-NA – MM

  • Ossie and Canelaza

    Ossie and Canelaza

    Ossie and Lithograph

    Ossie and Lithograph

    Daughter, Yvette

    Daughter, Yvette

    Daughter, Yvette

    Son, Captain Kangaroo

    Dam, Crescent Moon

    Crescent Moon and Ossie

    Sire, Fabio